Connecting to an Access database with Python

I’ve been Googling how to do this but still unsure of the best way to do it. Yes I should probably use something else, but it’s a fairly simple database. I did once, years ago, connect RhinoScript to MySQL… Should I be trying to install pyodbc or doing something else through .Net? It this even actually possible with Access being 32-bit?

Since pyodbc has C++ parts to it it may or may not work.

Probably best to just go for System.Data.Odbc (NuGet Gallery | System.Data.Odbc 5.0.0).

Yeah…it’s not going to work easily, it’s not Python that’s the problem it’s installing the ODBC connector for it while using Office 365, which has installed all 32-bit Office apps and I need the 64-bit version or there’s some other complication on top of that…ugh I’m going to have to restore my system from a backup just to be able to use Access at all again! MySQL it is then.