Connecting separate tunnels/points or curves

Hello i have created two seperate tunnels with polygons along curves.

I wanted to connect these seperate tunnels at the edges. So that there is a nice transition.

I tried it to move it with the points but somehow it destroys the whole tunnel.

In the end i want a connection like this…

Does someone has any idea how i can solve this problem?

IS_Structure_APR15_1005.3dm (10.8 MB) (182.3 KB)

Thank you,

Regards Vithu

I would like to help but I can’t open your document with my Rhino 6.

It looks like you are rotating something along the curves.
I think it might help to use a Costruct Domain component for the angles of this rotation to help the polygons meet in the end.

These cases should be taken care of separately.

Use of Tree Branch to filter those 5 cases on both trees and then some Connect Curves to build a horizontal bridge.

It is possible to merge those trees back in a single one by shifting the paths. (186.3 KB)

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Oh thank you very much, i think i can work with that :+1: