Connecting Rhino3D to MATLAB through a COM object


I am trying to connect Rhino 5 with MATLAB through the creation of a COM object that should link the two software together. Although the COM object is able to be created in MATLAB, it does not return any specific methods, properties, or events that can be utilized in MATLAB. I know that these functions exist since I have access to another software that links to Rhino 5 and uses its functions, but for some reason MATLAB specifically is unable to access them. Are there any missing .dll or .tlb files that are missing from the use of Rhino5x64.application? My end goal is to be able to create a Rhino COM object in MATLAB and access its functions. I have spoken to MATLAB technical support and it seems that their COM server creation method is working just fine. Please let me know if any additional information is found. Thanks!

Hi @Kevin2,

Did you search Discourse for “MatLab”? I believe the question has been asked (and perhaps answered) before.

We don’t have a copy of MatLab so we might not be too much help.

– Dale

Hi Dale,

Thanks for the suggestion; upon further research it looks like the only solution is to communicate through a .csv file. I was hoping there would be a more efficient method such as a COM object but it appears that there is not.

Thanks for the help!