Connecting points with line and edit the way they are connected


I am trying to construct 9 points on XY plane and another 9 points on XY plane with Z. So the way I need the first XY plane to connect with the other XY plane above is with a lofted circle (Line for now). I managed to construct points I needed but I don’t know how I would shift the connection in an editable way.
The points in the file are not 1-9, it starts from 0-3 then repeat itself in each row.
I need the line to be connected to each point in a controlled way (let’s say X+1). The attached image demonstrates what exactly I mean.
Hope that’s clear.



Firstly the nature of GH is of data trees so you don’t need to repeat parts of the definition twice. You can do something like this: (6.7 KB)

To shift you can use shift list like this:

Shift (8.5 KB)

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Thanks very much for your help that’s exactly what I was looking for.
In fact i didn’t know about the “Entwine” and also Flatten part of construct point.