Connecting points and controlling radius of joints of the result

Dear community,

Struggling for days, so I’m reaching out…

I have a set of XYZ points. I managed to parse it in GH.

I would like to create a mesh by connecting these points, and then to able to set the size of the joint points of the resulting mesh individually. On the image you can see, there are connection points which are very thick, and some that are thin - could I do adjust that one by one?

I’d also need control over which points is connected to which points.

The image below shows a form that could work, but the outcome should not necessarily look like this, I’m open to all approaches, joints could look anything, as far as they can represent size. Multiple approaches would be just excellent!

This is a data visualization project of a metro line, where certain joints represent how crowded each station is at certain times of the day - any type of solution is much much appreciated, got into bit of a trouble here, a teacher is keeping me a slave while I don’t finish:(

Any nodes, partial solutions, directions would be great help

Thanks in advance,
keep meshing!

may this help you


Thank you,

as though it may indeed draw some connections once I converted my data into voronoi patterns (which I rather not do), my problem consists of several different elements,

hope there is another way:(