Connecting one edge to another

Looking to create a little slope as illustrated in the picture. I tried blending but I think I may be doing it wrong. For reference, the green is suppose to be planting, while the grey is hardscape. Trying to create a slope that connects the planting bed to the top of the hardscape edge. Not really sure how to word it better but I’d love to have some help. rhi

Hello - you can do that with a loft - but the hard corners will propagate into your planting - I’d make an approximation just a little below the edge of the concrete - hold on a bit, I’ll see if I can make an example.

@uma - dunno if this is what you need - there’s a loft and then some control point noodling and then the trimmed surface. Thje middle stage has Intersect run on the loft and the wall, with History on, so the surface can be edited and the red intersection curve updates so you can keep track - is that sort of what you need, or do you need to go right to that hard edge?

landscapeMaybe.3dm (207.2 KB)


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Thanks! Loft seemed to work I just have to play with it a little. I needed it to the slope to meet with the hard edge.