Connecting curves to create surfaces to extrude indepenantly

Been away from rhino for couple months, and now doing something that should be simple but I’ll be darned, I’m stuck…
Creating this endless knot pendant where I want to control the profile of how the ribbon contact points flows, one under or over the other. Need to extrude the surfaces to about 2 mm.
Driving me crazy as I know this should be a simple operation.

Attached rhino file as well as screen shots.
Any help would be much appreciated.Endless Knot curves 1.0.3dm (141.6 KB)

Hello - it looks to me like you need these objects:

Mirrored, rotated etc into your knot arrangement -

You can then extrude all of that at once and BooleanUnion the result to get what I think you are after.

Endless Knot curves Maybe.3dm (263.9 KB)


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Thank you so much Pascal!
Went sideways on a few things but you got me on track.
Much appreciated!!
Crazy if I don’t work with program on regular basis the flow disappears quickly.
Thank goodness for people like you to help keep that moving!