Connecting arcs in one direction only


Given the 2 arcs (red lines) in the picture, i would like to connect them together by using the green lines. However, i want the green to go strict to the Y direction. So it needs to be like in the second picture. Any way to do this?


Connected (7.0 KB)

Here is a solution to the problem, probably there are smarter ones :slight_smile:

the ends of the arcs connected together regardless of their position
other division lines travel +Y from arc B until they intersect arc A

Connected (16.9 KB)

Hmm… Looks alright.

is there any way to make it more parametric by using Genepool?

For some reason i get 2 lines maximum. Probably doing something wrong…

Connected arcs (21.1 KB)

here it is

Connected arcs (18.2 KB)

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Instead of offset curve just move the curve and make point s and create line it be more accurate .!
i think !