Connecting a list of parallelogram surfaces with each other

I have a list of surfaces that are floating around. I would like to patch the gap in the zaxis with a surface.
Like i draw in here:

From the top, the corners of the parallelogram are kongruent with the corrosponding corner of the parallelogram next to it.

Does someone have an idea how to do this? I thought about some trimming solution but that doesn’t seem to make sense to me.

here i only have 121 surfaces. later on i will have a lot more surfaces. so it should be efficiant

thanks in advance


File with surfaces:
connecting floating (64.2 KB)

It would’ve been great if you included whatever you did to try to solve this, rather than just the surfaces and nothing else, specially because I don’t see why you are thinking about trimming something.

Anyway, if I got it right, maybe this helps?:

connecting floating (71.5 KB)


sorry. I didn’t even try trimming because i know it is very heavy to calculate (i mean it takes a lot of time)

and my solution that i tried seems a bit stupid ^^

also works but yours seems more elegant to say the least :rofl:


You’re welcome, feels much better to help someone who is trying.

You shouldn’t think your attempts are stupid. You’re just learning, as we all are.

You already had the solution on your first sketch, which is great, just keep practicing to learn how to abstract it into gh.

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thanks :slight_smile:

connecting floating (76.5 KB)

I made a little adjustment to your solution. sometimes the surfaces cross. and have an intersection. this could lead to issues. I know since I just had them ^^ just uploading to preserve incase someone else ever needs this :smiley:

I see what you mean, I did not expect the cases where neighbouring edges intersect, Good catch!