Connecting 4 points to create Polyline without Data Structure complexities

Hi Grasshopper experts,

I want to connect Pt0, Pt1, Pt2 and Pt3 in that order in the PLine component.

Is there a simpler method that does not use the ENTWINE component nor uses a single Construct point that would lead to this result.

Am working on a beginner tutorial and would like to create a simple Polyline from 4 points and would like to avoid introducing the complexity of data structures too early.


First, you probably notice points 1 and 2 have a different path structure than 0 and 3.
If you want to try and keep things as simple as possible from the beginning, I´d recommend you right-click on the 1 and 2 output Pt and activate SIMPLIFY. (FLATTEN will solve your problem here as well, but if your definition were more complex, this would “kill” that complexity)

This way, you will remove the unnecessary path structure and all the points will be sorted consecutively when you group them together with the PT component, since all your point lists will have the same path. However, in this case I would suggest you connect them using MERGE instead of PT or ENTWINE.

The MERGE component will help you keep the definition flexible if you wish to change the order of points in the future. As opposed to ENTWINE, MERGE will combine all the inputs based on their path structure.

Next time, remember to upload your gh definition. It would be easier for anyone to help you if you do that. I hope this helps!

Thanks for the feedback Ign24680
If I understand correcty, simplify will not work here on Pt output as each Pt output has only one branch to act on. In other words, there is no path simplification of single branch. Here is the definition.
Still left with the feeling that the ENTWIN (in the absence of a single Pt with many inputs) seems a little complex for this simple problem… Is there a better way ?Forum (18.0 KB)

Thanks, Jean (20.2 KB)
Hey @jeang ,
it seems like SIMPLIFY will work as we need it to in the next version of grasshopper. For the time being, you need to use SUIRIFY to simplify the paths :wink:

As explained by the master himself:

I didn’t know that so thanks for the question!

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Wow. Suirify…Was not aware of this component.
Is it a standard component ? I have it in my install but would want to understand for my students if this is part of the standard components deployed with Grasshopper (as opposed to a module which I would have installed).
Thanks Ign24680 !

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It is! It’s been around for a couple of years already.

And you can find its origin below :wink: