Connect VisualARQ with Ladybug Tools?

Having problems making my visualarq house readable in ladybug tools. Want to connect all the elements of the building to one, and then make it readable in ladybug.

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Since Visualarq elements are technically blocks, you probably will have to run the objects through a Visualarq Explode command and then plug the resulting Breps into the geometry section.


Thanks, it work a little bit. Doesnt work with the VARQAll, but is possible with connecting explode directly to object. Wall works, but when i connect roof it doesnt recognize as geometry as cant collect data. And when I only try to see what happens when I only use the wall. It just shows this…
I want to make the outside walls and the roof to one surface, so Ladybug can analyze the house as one object!

Hello @user1852,

You need to explode VisualARQ objects before connecting them to Ladybug, as it only accepts generic geometry and VisualARQ objects are blocks with extended properties. In order to explode them, you can use the VisualARQ explode component.

In the case of roofs, if you use this component with default settings, it will decompose the roof into slabs (because VisualARQ roofs are made of slabs), so you need to explode the slabs as well. You can do it all at once setting the recursive input as True:

After exploding VisualARQ objects to Breps, you can use the default Grasshopper components to select the surfaces you need and edit them as you wish.

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