Connect two geometry meshes

Hey! how to make a smooth connection between two mesh geometries. Thus, the mesh (B) is smoothly connected to the mesh (A).

Test.3dm (204.2 KB)

What does that mean?

Joined together in a plano fashion


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google translator does not translate well

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this is what should ideally turn out

This “bridge” is 1M miles away from ideal (for more than obvious reasons). Meaning that it would yield disjoined pieces.

In general the “bridge” task (between 2 - or more - poly boundaries [derived from naked edges - “kinda” the inner/outer Brep Loops]) is a quite complicated puzzle. It’s most unlikely that you can address this without code.

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Can you share this script?

No (strictly internal stuff that one) but if you are familiar with C# (mid Level or higher) I could provide help in case that you have trouble(s) with your code. That said this may appear “easy” but is quite challenging (general case: any [valid and manifold] mesh combo most notably if an “outer” Loop “contains” many “smaller” meshes).

Here’s a post on a similar challenge that might be relevant:

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and here applied to your file (51.2 KB)


Thank you so much