Connect the points in unpair data tree

Hello everyone! I have a question about drawing the red arrow as shown below. The number of curve segments are different so Flip Matrix doesn’t work, could you help me to figure it out?
(You can bake the shell in the orange group)

Thank you!

Q6- Draw the vertical lines .gh (152.0 KB)

Hello sailor.
It’s no easy solution, because the data is a mess.
I would start by flipping all the curves to a single direction and then I would try to create clusters of curves that have the same amount of points (to avoid single nodes with multiple connections). Then I would connect them. I think that the singularities that are contained in this ‘model’ you uploaded makes it very difficult to find an easy ‘sistematic’ solution. I would argue that this is not a job for grasshopper.
The model was not thought in advance for its use in gh, so now you have a lot of problems that are a result of not thinking algorithmically from the start (bunch of different curves with multiple directions, multiple point quantities, weird discontinuities…)

Best regards,
Sir Ernest Shackleton