Connect points to construct two curves

Hi everyone!!

I have a question. I cant find a way of generating/extracting these two curves i drawed with black color from this collection of points(0,y,z).
Thank you everyone!! (4.5 MB) 1|617x499

This will get you close… (4.5 MB)

Use Make2D instead and then sort for just the silhouette curves.

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Brian i must admit its very close!

Hi @slobo784.

You essentially need to find the convex hull of points. As your shape is concave however, there’s a neat trick to basically delete the long and thin triangles, then find the boundary of this mesh.

The Delaunay mesh tool is essentially the convex hull, then use the three points to dispatch triangles by making a circle out of them and measuring area. Then get the boundary of this reduced mesh, and smooth the curve if you like.

Find attached, you’ll see I reduced the point count to increase speed but this is up to you. The mesh it makes is actually invalid, but the operations still work. The warning on the circle is probably from two colinear points, but no matter.

Nice spine btw! Hope this helps.

John. (4.5 MB)


Thank you John!!

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