Connect line to a point on another line without splitting it into two parts


Does anyone know how to to connect a line to a variable point that lies on another line without it splitting the line into two parts?

I have created a variable point that I can move along the truss frame diagonal parts/lines, and I am connecting the green lines to those points.
But when I convert everything to structural lines for structural testing the truss frame behaves as if the truss diagonal parts are split into 2 parts by that very connecting point along the line…

Hei -
I’ve moved this to the Grasshopper category.

It’s not clear to me why extending a line to another line would split anything. You should be able to find the theoretical intersection of both and then create a new line up to that intersection.

Please post a simplified Grasshopper file that illustrates the problem and that doesn’t require others to install plug-ins. If you reference Rhino geometry, make sure to internalize that geometry in the Grasshopper graph.