Connect indexpoint from one branch to another from a different branch


im still relatively inexperienced with grasshopper and especially with data management.

The first image with the triangles is what I get. The second image with the Hexagon is what i want. Basically i want to connect One index number from one branch to another index number from another adjacent branch. I dont know if I expressed the problem correctly, but I think the pictures say enough about what i want to achieve.

Hope somebody can help (23.4 KB)


Hello !

The Triangular pattern retrieves a list, so there is no real possibility to use data trees directly.

I went for a proximity search - for each vertex of your triangular pattern, search for faces that are less that 0.01 mm away. Then, since the scaled triangles and the non-scaled triangles are in the same order, I can retrieve those surrounding triangles, get the closest vertex and filter branches that contain less than 2 points.

Last operation is to draw a polyline, but the trick is that the points are not in order ! It could be possible to order them in polar coordinates, but Convex Hull does the job in that case. (27.9 KB)

Thank you very much!