Connect grasshopper with PLAXIS

Hi all,

I am struggling to connect GH to Plaxis software in order to get a complete workflow for TBM tunnels. Does anyone know if it is possible to do it (Same as can be doine with the revit plugin, sofistik plugin etc?

I really appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance!

Here is some example code for Rhino.Inside a Bentley product.

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Was a bit difficult but now with Rhino 8 and Cpython in GH, you can use plaxis’ API to automate.
Configure a remote scripting server in plaxis, and connect it from GH Cpython. Maybe two packages need to be installed in GH python environment which you can try set the python interpreter to your GH Cpython location, then the hint will appear. And you actually not really need to change the interpreter as you gonna use the remote server