Connect Galapagos nodes from C#


I’m not very good at scripting, but I’m learning… :smiley: yet now rather struggling with connecting the nodes of a Galapagos component with my number slider and fitting value from a C# script. Does anyone have any idea on how to do this?


What’s the logic?
Pick all the sliders in the document and connect them to the nearest Galapagos solver component?
Same with fitness number parameter?

(i’m joking)

Elaborate a bit…

OK, let’s see… :smiley:

So I have a custom C# component that generates different component networks and respectively different number of sliders, depending on the input parameters.

I would like to extend my code by adding a Galapagos component to this generated network, which would operate with the number sliders and I would like it to be fed automatically.
So I’m wondering if it’s possible and how to reference the sliders and the fitness parameter inside the code.