Connect 4 corner points

How to fix this? What is the command to fix this?


Naked edge Fix.3dm (155.6 KB)

Without I have to dublicate enges and fix curves to meet in the same point…

Thank You!

They are trimmed surfaces.
First I would run RebuidEdges.
Then you’ll need to Untrim the surfaces and preserve the trim curves, modify the trim curves so they align better, and retrim the surfaces, then Join it all back up.

With time you’ll learn to model with a little more care and largely eliminate what is causing the problems in your modeling process.

check this video- it’ll help a lot here-

That is what I have been done. I’m just sick of these, I have hundreds of these…
It is because of compination of solidworks solid model, draft curve extruded surfaces and offsets from thosesurfaces. Edges does not stay together. Also “testFilletSrfCrv” makes these, but it is nice tool still I have to fix… I’m disappointed that offset does not lock the corner points together…

When I build my own products, usually never like these… Sometimes with offsets…
It would be great to have command to join surface cornerpoints together…

Very often extend surface does not work and I have to use dublicete surface edge and untrim…
Even untrim only 1 edge would be great command. Not sure if I have seen some test commands for that?

Have been used Rhino 17 years allmost every day…

Thanks :slight_smile: