Confused. NOVEDGE Rhino delivery. No DVD anymore?

i hear you.
maybe one of the (ill) side effects is that consumers demand new&now much more readily… for a while apple was on a 2year OS release schedule via dvd… now, the only way to get an update is via the app store and it’s on a yearly schedule.
that said, i wouldn’t say their code is inherently more buggy now than before and it’s rare for them to release something bad bad…(but if it happens, the update gets out pretty quick)… but maybe not such a fair comparison for a number of reasons but still, i wouldn’t say their standards have lessened since they no longer do dvds.

(re: apple & the topic and what my first post was meant as… i’m in their ecosystem and i guess i incorrectly assumed everybody already thought dvd delivery was outdated so i was sort of surprised at this thread… you can’t buy any mac anymore which has a dvd drive in it… i don’t mind either… those things scratched/damaged way too easily)

funny you guys are talkng about this and mentioned the always up to date thing. i just restored a pc for my kid. wiped it clean, popped in the old windows…or actually not so old windows 8.1 install disc. went about my business and let it install. took 30 min or so. went to the windows update, this is 8.1 mind you so not that old, there were over 180 updates which which were 2 gigs and took about 2 hrs to install. once they were installed i went back to windows update and now there were another 60 updates for the updates i just installed totaling 1.5 gigs. to make a long story short i had to do this 4 times before it was finally done. 30 min for the original install and 4 hrs for the updates lol. if i just downloaded it i could have had it all done in 30 min. so yes, discs are about worthless anymore. i have a desk drawer full of them and no matter what i reinstall it will need to be downloaded and updated anyway.

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