Conflicting plugin files

I just updated Human.gha to the most recent version and this started popping up. I appreciate that there appears to be a different folder for GH in Rhino version 5 & 6. I currently must run both versions of Rhino and I am developing GH docs for different clients targeted to those different versions of Rhino.

Is there a way to tell GH/Rhino5 to look in this folder and GH/Rhino6 to only look in that other folder?

Try look into some of the following posts to find a solution to the conflict. I don’t remember in which folder you should put the following, but in one of them you create a file with the .no6 extension (probably in the folder which belongs to Rhino5 ), then Rhino 6 won’t try to load that file and so it avoids this conflict.

// Rolf