Conflict Insanity

We’re getting these conflict warnings every time we open/insert/import/paste… Yesterday I finally counted how many warnings I got before a file would import and this isn’t unusual (40). I finally resorted to simply hitting enter on each warning rather than clicking the buttons in each box. If I’d clicked each box, it would have been (80) and the warnings some up on different spots on my screen.
There has to be a better way to deal with this issue.

Version 6 SR5
(6.5.18128.14431, 5/8/2018)

Hi James - Does checking the box at the bottom of each dialog ease the pain at least for the duration of the current import etc, operation? Open should not show these and Paste does not in the latest here, though I think it did previously. Import does show me the dialog for render content but not, in my example, for duplicated blocks. I’ll test some more and see what situations bring up excessive dialogs…

Also, just fyi, -


Checking the box at the bottom doesn’t seem to help at all. The boxes just keep coming. That’s why I finally resorted to hitting return.