Conflict ID issue installing volvex.gha

cant load volvex.gha
ive left only volvex in GH library. still i get this= image attached

If you are on Windows you can install “Everything” ( and search for Volvox.gha (blazingly fast search, get search results in milliseconds)


BTW, I always put plugins in separate folders under Grasshopper\Libraries. In this case I put the Volvox.gha plugin aside ("\Libraries_PAUSE") since I’m currently not using it. ( = faster loading time for GH). If the plugins are in their own folders it’s easy to move individual folders/plugins to the “paus” library, aso.

// Rolf

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FYI there is also a portable version that you just unpack and run from the unpacked folder. Not ‘adding’ anything like with an installer.