Configurations of the latest macbook pro versions


I would like to know if anyone has ever encountered problems with the latest version of macbook pro. I would like to invest in this model and know if Rhino6 works well with a type configuration: 16GB of RAM memory an Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645 graphics card?

Thanks !

dont get your hopes up that this will be sufficiently answered. i have seen issues with performance happening at almost every level of hardware, mostly also because Rhino for mac is in a state of flux if i may call it so. i hope this is going to be settled with version 7, but right now all you can do is test it out for yourself.

generally a dedicated graphic card would help you quite a bit more rather than an onboard intel, specifically if you are aiming to work on representational objectives, for pure modelling purposes the intel might work just fine.

I have a 13" MBP with an Intel chip, and a newer 15" MBP with AMD graphics.

For smaller tasks like tech support, the Intel is not bad.

The 15" AMD MBP is significantly faster, smoother, and more of a pleasure to run, particularly with larger files and more complicated tasks.

Both have 16GB RAM, i7 processors, and SSDs.
I never use a second monitor.

Both MBPs were ridiculously expensive.

My office Windows desktop machine was far less money and has far better performance.


Thank you for your answers.
I believe that in the latest version of macbookpro the graphics card does not have its own RAM. The graphics card will take resources from the computer’s RAM directly.

I would suggest the 16"MBP or waiting for the 14"MBP which is rumored to be released soon…

Yes, I heard about it. Indeed, I will wait for the release of the new models. I will take it with a minimum of 16 GB of RAM. I hope that the Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645 graphics card will be powerful enough not to have a problem. Normally I will work in technical drawing, more than image rendering.

If you can wait, then it probably is a good idea. The value and performance increase from the 15"MBP to the 16"MBP was massive… especially thermals.


There you go:

The version with the 10th CPU is probably the one you should buy (has much better integrated graphics performance)

Cheers, Rudi

Great ! it was a good idea to have waited! I looked every day on the apple site to see if the new model was released, and finally it is today =) Thank you for your advice, I will give news of my progress.

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Hi everyone, I come back here to tell you that I installed rhino6 on my macbook pro 13. The software works very well. There are a few lag when I activate the rendering mode.