Configuration advise laptop

Hello there!

Once again a newby question:

which laptop configuration would be preferable for Rhino5 + Rhino Gold + Flamingo?
The budget is pretty high as it is for a company…
Pls no Mac… :smile:

Any exprnce with M-Tech? Alienware?

Thank you very much in advance!

Check out Boxx Technologies. They build machines specifically for CAD applications. They have some laptops that I have my eye on and hope to secure the next time I’m ready to purchase hardware.

I just got a Boxx laptop last week, and it seems fine. I’m only disappointed that the actual machine is rather homely, but it functions well, and that’s really the bottom line.

I chose them because customer support is knowledgeable about 3d software and because they had a configuration that I thought was a good combination of components.

I’ve always had good performance with the Dell Precision line of mobile workstations (e.g. laptops).

Could I ask which model you purchased (and basic config)? I agree, the laptops aren’t the most sexy looking things I’ve seen, but the functionality, quality and the CAD expertise behind them are what draws me.

I have had two Dell Precision laptops and they are great. The current best is the 6800 … but … they are all ‘pre-reconfigured’ with no options to change any of the hardware, or even get Windows 8! According to several posts on the Dell forum, here’s how you get around this limitation.

  1. Start here and click on the Tech Specs tab,
  2. Make a list of all the hardware options you want.
  3. Call their sales department and have them customize it for you.

Alienware are pretty much a niche hardcore market for gamers who want a portable machine. You’d be hard pressed to find anything better for CAD in a laptop.

The hardware of a gaming laptop will be pretty powerful, but it’s unlikely to have an OpenGL video card. (They typically have DirectX.) I tried the gaming computer route and ended up with a workstation-class computer.

However, if you’re on a budget and the gaming laptop fits / workstations does not / you will definitely be MUCH happier than with a bargain computer your grandma bought at Best Buy to check her email and cat pictures.

Another custom builder you might want to look at is

Here’s another 3D workstation builder that has great service, amazing options for configurations, and just about the best prices. However, they use OEM cases and they are just too cheesy and fugly for me. Might be fine for others.