Cone-cone intersections



I have to calculate cone-cone intersections for hundreds of objects.

In rhinocommon there are only two approaches:
Brep intersection which is very slow.
Or fast mesh intersection which is fast enough for low res meshes.

This intersection I am looking for is limited to cones only, and there is probably math solution for such intersction.

Maybe someone know any .Net library or have a custom code to calculate cone-cone intersections?

(Menno Deij - van Rijswijk) #2

Looks like there are quite some funky cases for cone-cone intersections. To me that indicates that the math is probably quite complex…

(Daniel Piker) #3

Are the cones in arbitrary orientations?


Yes, they are in any possible combinations. But it is always two cones.

Majority of cases with not arbitrary not perpendicular rotations: