Computing technical drawing?

Hi community,

I have a isue with Rhino, I believe since the latest update. When I switch to my layout viewport I get the following message


In my layout there is a detail in a pen rendered (one of our custom view modes) and this takes several minutes. This was never a Issue

My Rhino is up to date


Hope you can help.

greetings from a cold Netherlands

Hi Jack - is this true with only this model? Are you able to get to the layout? If so, make sure the layout itself is set to use wireframe display mode,- any details that use a ‘technical’ based mode (Pen, Artisitic,Technical) could also be generating this message as it comes into view. Irf it happens every time, there is probably some piece of geometry in the model that is not meshing properly - See if SelBadObjects finds anything in the model space.

You can send your model to, or uploat to to my attention. Please inlcude a link from this topic in your comments.