Computing technical drawing data

After purging and re-opening the drawing the next day my drawing is stuck in a loop saying the above phrase.
is there any way to stop it,Escape doesn’t seem to work,It just says “Tech drawing info failed ,switching all tech views to wireframe” but then goes back into the loop,I don’t care if it changes all displays to wireframe,I can change the ones i want back.
This has been an occasional issue,But now i cannot access my drawing for 45 mins so far,
It has about 40 tabs.
I have gone back to a previous version of my drawing which opens fine.

Version 6 SR13
(6.13.19058.371, 27/02/2019)

CPU is @ 100%
GTX 1050 is at 0%
Intel HD gfx is @ 0-3%

I have just discovered if i click on the model tab milliseconds after pressing escape i can get control back.

yeehoow :slight_smile: you could also try Rescue3dmFile if something goes irreversibly wrong once. as a last instance at least.

I have done that before,It was horrible…Thanks though.

Hi Jason - I’d like to reproduce this - can we have the model ( or the blow by blow if you know how to make this happen?? If you get stuck again, I’d try opening Rhino in safe mode and then open the file and save it with all wireframe views.

(Start Rhino in Safe Mode: Windows start menu, type in ‘Rhinoceros’ and look for the ‘Rhinoceros in Safe Mode’ entry.)


Thanks for the reply Pascal.
It all seemed to happen after running a purge.
I did eventually find a way out by pressing escape then quickly going to the model tab,This seemed to stop it happening.
Typically now it isn’t doing it,I lost 2 hours this morning,Next time it happens i will send you the model.