ComputeVertexColors don't use render color to vertex


I want to set render color to mesh vertex. I’m unsing WIP7 and function ComputeVertexColors.

Calculation don’t consider mapping options (for example Spherical mapping) and Texture definition. It use always planar mapping and basic picture.

I apply ComputeVertexColors to mesh.

And this is result that is not correct (it is always shown as plannar mapping without repeat for mapping).

Star_reneder_color.3dm (724.1 KB)

Is there something I’m doing wrong? I really need help.

BR Lastec

Hello - that seems to have worked as expected here in the latest build. Does this file look correct?
Star_reneder_color_PG.3dm (667.6 KB)


Hi Pascal is still not OK.

I have found a work around to export as OBJ and than calculte the vertex color again an this works fine for me. But I would like to avoid this step.

I need lots of help in this subject area! Are there any good resources out there for understanding better how this works? I need to make full color 3D prints and renderings using colored meshes and I need the translation to be exact between the rendering and the 3D print. I’ll likely post another thread about my specific issues, but I’m having a hard time even finding documentation on how this works. Any help here would be appreciated!