Computer stuck when "GetStringProxy" from a GHpython components

Following a beginners GHPython Tutorial.

Is it a bug with rs.GetString or an error [of mine] I’m not seeing…?
The command box does print “Will it rain?” , but then it get stuck in GetStringProxy
“edit”. this little code works fine, the issue is that grasshopper get stuck, and unresponsive [like the progress bur in the image that never progress. [so @wim I don’t think it’s a scripting issue…?]
thanks a lot

rhinoscriptsyntax is mainly meant to facilitate Rhino scripting using Python. In Grasshopper, the rhinocommon API should be used, which is less beginner friendly.

If I remember right, rs.GetString() will pop up a command dialogue/window when used in Rhino that prompts the user to enter a string. This probably can’t work in Grasshopper, since that’s not how it interfaces with the user.

Thank you… That dialogue does appear, and it of works [ as in the tutorial] but GH canvas become weird, partly unresponsive, not in the same way it [may] freeze when calculating something too big… Guess I better try to video this as I’m not defining the issue very well here.