Computer speed, ability question

Yesterday I had to do a project with perforated metal. I didn’t extrude the material, I just created it as a surface.
Even so, my computer locked up, crashed, etc. etc. It was like working on a very, very slow old computer. I went into wireframe to improve the situation but then I couldn’t switch back to shaded for rendering. Finally I had to export to C4D as an obj file to get the project rendered.

My question is very general - how could I make the experience better? My computer isn’t top of the line but it’s not a dog either - i7-6700, 16gb ram, GTX-970 video.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any advice you might have.

Was this in RH5 or the RH6 WIP?

have you updated your GPU driver lately? and if you have, is Geforce Experience installed? Some versions of the latest Nvidia drivers have a screen sharing/recording setting enabled by default and has caused a number of performance issues that I’ve seen.

Check for invalid/bad geometry

Thanks for the replies
This is V5
I updated the drivers (thanks for that suggestion - I haven’t done that in awhile)
And I checked for bad geometry (none)

Opened the file which currently is in wireframe, selected shaded, my fans started to roar and after a few minutes I canceled.

I guess Rhino or my computer just can’t handle this file. I was able to open it in C4D - it was sluggish there but at least I was able to get a render out.

You really should test that file in RH6. Everything about the display has been rewritten…

Thanks for the suggestion.
My workflow requires frequent spot checks (renders) in V-Ray so I have to work in 5
Also, opening the file in V6 and trying to go from wireframe to shaded gives me the same result as V5 - fans are roaring, nothing’s happening.

That’s fine. Just don’t expect the behavior in RH5 to change :wink:

Is that during the generation of meshes or is the display mesh present at that point?

The file is currently set to wireframe. I can open the file in V5 or V6 and orbit around, etc. But when I try to change from wireframe to shaded the computer howls and after awhile I esc. Maybe if I let it howl longer it would finally make the change but I don’t have time to find out.