Computer Specs Recommendations?


I’m looking at getting a new computer that can run some scripts really fast. The scripts move and morph meshes around a lot. I think this is working on just a single thread, so I need a processor with a fast single thread, is that right? And I think this has nothing to do with graphics cards, right?

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?


(Willem Derks) #2

Hi Sam,

What language are your scripts in? If they are python, there might be fairly easy ways to optimize speed for those morphings. Are you using RhinoCommon or only rhinoscriptsyntax methods?
What is the purpose of the script? Rendering/animation or form finding?

Yes and Yes



Hi Willem,

It’s Rhinocommon. I’m changing the form and orientation to make an object fit on a person. I’m doing this for many objects for many people. I’m certain I can improve the algorithm to speed it up, but it’s also time for me to get a dedicated computer for this, and am wondering what would be the best for it.



After doing some more research, I’m realizing cloud computing would be a better way to go. I did some searching through the forum here and saw someone mention working good with rhino but was booked up at the time. Anyone have any other suggestions?