Computer reboots whenever I open render view in rhino

Hi, I have a technical question that has bothered me for a long time.

Whenever I tried to render in rhino, (I use rhino default render mode and did not install any plugin, including V-ray,) my computer automatically reboots itself. If the file or the model is too big, I understand the situation due to the overheating problem or power supply. However, even when I only model a simple geometry, such as box, my pc still reboots itself. This only occurs in rhino software. At least, I do not use other rendering or modeling software. The good thing is, originally if I turn off the environmental lighting and skylight, the render could proceed. Whereas, when the specific lighting turned on, the computer just reboots itself. (However, right now, no matter whether the skylight is on or not, my computer still could not sustain to open the render view.) (I used basic render viewport and there is no second window render interface. )Here is the system information of my rhino and computer now. Please let me know as soon as possible. Because of this unexpected situation, I have lost so many files.

One thing I would also say that my computer acts completely fine in the beginning, but I do not know since when this becomes a problem! I just refreshed my entire pc, which means I reinstalled my windows system while only kept the files on the computer. The situation persists!

Please let me know what is going on. This is really urgent. Thanks!!

So this happens when you start a Render using the basic Rhino renderer? That’s…weird, like something is physically wrong with your computer weird, that should in no way cause a reboot, do you get a Blue Screen of Death? Is your Windows up-to-date?

Yes, I just completely re-installed my computer. After opening the brand new window interface, the first I download was rhino. Still, not working. My computer is up-to-date. I do not get a blue screen. I hear a click in the motherboard and the computer just restarts.

Yeah the basic Rhino renderer is so primitive it shouldn’t be stressing your system at all. A bad video card crash could cause a reboot like that but it doesn’t use the GPU. Something may be wrong in your hardware…memory, motherboard drivers, something…

I was wondering about the same thing also. Is there anyway I could detect the malfunctional part? Also, if I use v-ray, I remember my computer could manage it. I have to give a try later. But still, it is frustrating that the basic rhino render could not work. I recently used Maya arnold and it could work. But one time, my computer also crashed and restarted when using arnold. I would be extremely cursious to know the ways of detecting the wrong part. It is so frustrating, since I only bought this computer less than a year.

Search the Start menu for “memory diagnostic tool” to test the RAM, for one thing. What is the system, was it bought pre-built?

I don’t know whether it is pre-built or not. The computer came with a windows -10 disk. And they had installed windows for me already and I just needed to activate it. However, I had re-installed my Windows -10 twice on my own. I also replaced the memory card and GPU card by myself also. I wish this answers your question,

Well you could maybe look into if there are BIOS updates available for the motherboard, and…if you installed a 1080Ti…is your power supply sufficient?

My power supply is 650W, I believe it is sufficient and I am looking into the BIOS updates now!

And I just did not memory disgonisis as you suggested but it did not detect any wrong parts.

I mean i just ran the diagonisis, but nothing shows wrong.

Here, I also want to tell you that once I changed the setting of rhino render to this setting, my render just works perfectly and smoothly! Could you tell me why? render.ini (10.4 KB)

So that’s the Rendered display mode then, not the “Render” command? That DOES use your video card, it’s just another OpenGL display mode. That’s interesting then, your drivers seem to be up-to-date. I’m running the same card–4 of them–and I haven’t had a reboot-crash I don’t think ever from just the Rendered display mode.

Yes, I did not do the render command. I only used the renedered display mode and it never worked. So you are saying this is the problem of my graphic card?

Here is a funny thing again. I used the render command you just mentioned and it works perfectly. BUT, here is the CPU usage display!! Very interesting! I just rendered a single box, but the CPU consumption is too crazy.
My cpu is interl ® Core ™ i7-9700KF CPU @ 3.60GHz

Well yeah I was just trying to get straight what you meant by a “Render” here. The Render command is a totally different CPU-only renderer. The problem you’re having is with one of the OpenGL display modes. You did isolate the specific option that causes it to flake out? GPU-Z might tell you something about if it’s overheating or something, but we’re at about the limit of my diagnostic skills.

Overheating is easy to figure out. There are many apps to watch CPU and GPU temps. Start after having the computer off for a bit. If the chips get to or over 100C then there is a problem.

@H123 - Have you tried this in Rhino 7 WIP?

Microsoft have been issuing some flawed Windows 10 updates of late (e.g. the March 2020 update reportedly caused some computers to reboot randomly). I’d suggest looking in the Update History and doing internet searches for each recent update reference in conjunction with the words Crash and Reboot.


The Render command can be very CPU intensive. 100% is actually a good sign that it is running efficiently. But many machines will struggle to stay cool at 100%.

Use the CoreTemp application to watch the CPU temp as it renders. , Watch that it stays under 100C.

If the machine cannot stay under 100C, then use this method and turn the power down to 95% on the CPU. Sometimes this gives it enough breathing room.

Hi, sorry for the late reply.
Today, I changed my GPU card from Geoforce GTX 1080 Ti to Nvidia Quodra P620 and my computer could render very fine! Nothing restarts, nothing reboots. I wonder right now, is the problem anything related to the PSU (Power supply)? But the thing is my PSU is 650W and the GeForce website said it meets the requirement.l But I also use two 4K monitors and one extra Cintiq Tablet. My SSD is 1Tb 970 EVOPlus from Samsung. Given this info, could you tell that is my PSU too low in watts, that’s why my computer kept restarting? Please let me know, thanks!