Compute.rhino3d: very slow in calling function (i.e. ToArcsAndLines())


First of all I want to show my gratitude for the amazing project: it’s just crazy.

I just found out about its existence, and tried it out in a wpf application I’m developing.
The issue I encountered is the following: when calling a method (in this case ToArcsAndLines) through the compute server, the reaction time is just incredibly slow.
I tried running the same application as a rhino plugin (so using rhinocommon) and the computation time changes from 10minutes+ (compute.rhino + rhino3dmio) to a bunch of milliseconds (rhinocommon).

I don’t know, maybe I’m doing something wrong: I followed this guide

and setup everything accordingly.

The only difference is that I couldn’t find the member “ComputeServer.ApiToken”, and assigned the “ComputeServer.AuthToken” instead (only once from the same project where the service is called).

Is that a known issue, or I am missing something?