Compute performance

Hi All. I’m currently running a recenty deployed compute with a t2.micro instance in AWS. We have a few apps deployed calling to compute in paralell and things are starting to get a bit lagy, so I have a few questions:

  • What is the best way to measure compute performance in AWS or IIS?
  • What would be the best way to make apps run faster?
  • Is t2.micro not enough for so such demands? What’s the best way to evaluate this?

thanks in advance.

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You could add some performance testing in your scripts with System.Diagnostics: System.Diagnostics Namespace | Microsoft Docs. But I suppose you also get information on the elapsed time between requests. You’d need to compare that against other vm specs. The t2.micro specifications are well below what we typically recommend for Rhino, specifically when it comes to RAM.

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thanks @fraguada. I´ve moved to a larger instance and there´s a noticeable improvement. I´ll try to benchmark it to see the difference.

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A few months ago I tried a number of AWS options to improve Rhino computation time. I was surprised that AWS t2.micro was so much slower than my low-end Dell laptop. Typical model-solve timings were 1 to 3 seconds.


Thanks Bill for sharing this!