Computational Design: NEXT 1.0 - June 13-14, 2020

Computational Design: NEXT 1.0
June 13-14, 2020.

Two-Day Online Conference with Live Presentations, Tutorials, Interactive Sessions, Live Mentorship & Panel Discussions.

A collaborative initiative by ParametricArchitecture with rat[LAB]EDUCATION, DesignMorphine, A>T


Computational Design: NEXT is a collaborative initiative by some of the global frontiers of computational design, It aims to open up an online learning platform as a comprehensive online conference comprising of discussions, dialogues, tutorials, and mentorship to a worldwide audience through thought-provoking and meaningful conversations. The conference is curated by ParametricArchitecture, one of the leading media platforms focusing on Computational Design and its various subsets.

The first iteration of online conference NEXT 1.0 takes place in June. It brings forth all collaborators on a single platform in a power-packed two-day dialogue with live tutorials and mentorship for designers for an immersive learning and knowledge-building experience.

All sessions/tracks are led by the following panelists unless specified otherwise:

  • Hamid Hassanzadeh (Turkey) – Founder & Editor in Chief, ParametricArchitecture
  • Sushant Verma (India) – Co-founder & Design Head, rat[LAB] Studio
  • Arturo Tedeschi (Italy) – Founder Architect & Computational Designer, A>T
  • Michael Pryor (USA) – Design Director & Computational Designer, DesignMorphine

Stay also tuned for a Rhino WIP presentation!

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