Computation Time

If you have multiple identical cluster or identical saved geometries, does ShapeDiver load them once or all individually. I have a cluster of 25 curves and points and its being run 20 times (there is a number input and it out puts the corresponding curve and point). Would this whole process be quicker if I had one cluster that outputs a list of curves so that they are never copies of the same geometries, or are identical clusters loaded once instead of 20 times.

I am not sure I completely understand what you mean by “loading” a cluster and what are “identical saved geometries”, so I apologize if my answer is not accurate.

When you use clusters instead of copy-pasting components on your canvas, the parts of your definition contained in identical clusters is only stored once, which makes the file lighter. However, in terms of execution, I don’t think there is a major difference between copy pasting a cluster or a group of components. In any case, those operations have to be executed the same amount of times.

We always recommend to work around clusters by making good use of data structures such as lists and trees, because that usually comes with performance improvements as well. Instead of copying a cluster, one can organize data in a tree to make sure the same group of components produces results for each branch of the tree, for example.