Compounded blending

I’ve a transition that needs to blend three surfaces down to nearly zero. I’ve used a pipe to create a blending gap but I’m having trouble with the smoothness near the ends.

SmoothBlend.3dm (535.7 KB)

I’ve tried doing a match surface on the blend and then the other direction but I cant get rid of the edge.

One way is to fade it to a point with a fillet -

SmoothBlend_PG.3dm (493.5 KB)

But it is best to have somewhat cleaner surfaces to begin with.

If you want to fade to a wider surface rather than a point, it is a bit more work.
A little quick and dirty, as seems to be my mantra today, but you’ll get the idea of the layout…
SmoothBlend_PG_2.3dm (270.1 KB)


I also noticed your surfaces intersect the polysurface in some odd ways.

and Pascal’s red surface (in your original model) dips inside the polysurface. Is this intentional? It looks like you are trying to make the surface tangentially meet the polysufrace but were unsuccessful.

Another layout, same approach as Pascal, you need to start with clean curves and surfaces -

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One of the difficulties I’m having is forming the main surface that has one edge a radius and the opposite straght and needing to transition a profile through it.

It would be nice if I could ‘pin’ the edges, but I don’t think that’s possible. The way I got to my latest attempt was to sweep the radius with the profile and then manually pull points on the lower edge to make it straight. I’ve no doubt there’s a better simpler way to get this done but it’s escaping me at this point.

This is the actual item I’m trying to reproduce:

It’s a pretty complex surface. I don’t mind the time and effort it will take as this is a great way to sharpen skills.

Raja, were you intending to attach a model with this post?