Components gone - isovist & Convex hull

Hi All
I’m using Rhino 6, from one day to the next one the isovist and the convex hull components are no longer part of the components’ lit of my grasshopper. Did anyone experience the same?
Any ideas on how could I restore it? It is causing me a big trauma since the definition I built were using both components.
Thanks in advance


could you try opening this file that contains just those two components, and check if you see them?
if you see them, please also try to CTRL+ALT+LeftMouseButton them

image (3.6 KB)

Siento la tardanza y gracas por tu respuesta.

No, no me aparecen, es como si hubiesen desaparecido de mi grasshopper. es rarisimo

I dont know why did I answered in Spanish, sorry, I´m mixing languages…

As I said, these components are gone so I can´t see them after opening your file.