Component upgrade nasty little trap

I had definitions definition that used to work perfectly in V5 and produced garbage in V6, not understanding what was causing this.
After some research, I found out that the automatic component upgrade did not retain the eventual input or output options, like in the “Evaluate Surface” component :

Old version

Upgraded version

It’s really tough to spot things like that.
I wish that the options were retained, or at least some kind of warning regarding this issue was given.

To make things worse, the “Find” tool in V6 fails to highlight some relevant items, which makes the correction more tedious.

I also wish that the “Find” filter was more stringent. For example, it will list “Evaluate curve” components when I type in “EvalSrf” :

Oh yes, that’s definitely a nasty bug.

That’s minor and debatable (it’s trying to be helpful in case of typos) vs. serious flaws in not finding all instances of “multiply” and losing option settings on component upgrades. Those are some rough edges!

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Hi David, I can tell that you have made a good effort to do it right though.
In the following instance, the updated “Substraction” component retains it’s “Flatten” option :

…yet, I don’t know why it’s not highlighted by the “Find” tool…

I think it just limits the number of results it returns. I’ll check after dinner whether that’s why some components aren’t found.

Hi David, if the number of occurence is limited, there should be a more narrow filter.
If I type EvalSrf, for instance, the list should not include all the Eval$$$ stuff.

Sometimes, it is crucial to go over ALL components of one type, and therefor, it should be possible to visualize them all ; even if it is by batch of say 15 or 20.

while not a perfect solution, what happens if you put a " at the beginning of your search?
for example

Wildcards ?

I just noticed on my machine that if I put a quote in front of the search text, it cut down on results…but I spoke too soon. I tested again and it didn’t seem to totally work. Looks like it’s still a bug that needs fixing, was just curious if this was a workaround.
with quote:

without quote: