Component property's from Quick selection tool bar Tekla & Grasshopper

Hi All

Can any one shy me light if possible to access property’s as from as below ?

i can access all property’s inside component but these looks like cant be accessed or its just me dont know how to do it properly ??


I’ll open up tekla tomorrow and take a look, what property is that?

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Those contextual toolbar icons seem to be for the Framing Tools extension. Whatever you modify using those buttons will be stored as attributes for the Framing Panel component in Tekla. This means you’d need to set the appropriate attributes when inserting the component from Grasshopper to achieve the same result you’d get by using the contextual toolbar in Tekla.

E.g. like this for the panel lengths:

You can check the available attributes by referencing the component into Grasshopper and using the “Deconstruct Component” component, like this:

Note that if you add an opening to the frame in Tekla using the contextual toolbar, that results in an additional component being inserted - the “Panel Opening” component. This component can also be added from Grasshopper.

If you can give a bit more context about what you’d like to achieve we can perhaps provide more detail.




Hi Thanks for your response

Im just getting my head in Tekla and trying things as it not same as Dynamo + Revit.

All i want to do is to see what options can be accessed using Grasshopper.

Main goal is to see how i can add openings/Change stud centres ( Or whatever the option may be )

One more question; Can we add same options to component with grasshopper for example to change inputs ?

Sorry just started using tekla and trying understand how Tekla talks with Grasshopper.


Hi Sebastian

Thanks for your time !!

I been through attributes before i posted here in i could not find access to these functions


I can access all property’s within component with method you provided. But got no access to options on contextual toolbar.


Sorry for the late reply. To elaborate on what I said earlier, the contextual toolbar commands are a shortcut for modifying certain attribute values for the Framing Panel. Like the spacing of the studs. Normally you could also modify these values through the component dialog. In either case, the values are then saved to the Framing Panel component as attributes. You can use the “Deconstruct Component” component to try and find out the underlying attribute names.

Here you can see the same values being propagated from the UI to the dialog and the underlying attributes when you e.g. change the stud spacing from the contextual toolbar:

So, in this case, to set the spacing from GH, use the attribute “Spacing” followed by a string of distances like this:

When you add an opening through the contextual toolbar it will actually insert another component, the Panel Opening component. To do this from Grasshopper, you would add the Panel Opening component using the Framing Panel component and two points as an input:


The input points here seem to be relative to the insertion point of the Framing Panel, so you need to take that into account when constructing the input points.



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