Component Preview Color Overrides

Preview color overrides should override the preview mesh as well as wireframe representation.

Preview color overrides on non-geometric (non-previewable) inputs seem unnecessary and have no effect.

In the below SphereFromRadius component I would expect it to also draw the Plane input, thus allowing the override of the color.

Yeah it should. However I’ve noticed that it looks really awful if the same colour is used to draw wires and the mesh material diffuse. Should I auto-lighten the colour for meshes?

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Auto lightening the mesh diffuse is not a bad idea.

Not sure if this is too cumbersome but personally I would prefer the wires to always be black if Preview Meshes is turned on, with the color overrides applied to the meshes only. If only Preview Wires is on, then apply color overrides to wires.

Logged under RH-68142.