Component.HtmlHelp_Source and HelpDescription

Hm, I try to access GH_Component.HtmlHelp_Source() and HelpDescription members, but I only get error messages:

“Error (CS0122): ‘Grasshopper.Kernel.GH_DocumentObject.HtmlHelp_Source()’ is inaccessible due to its protection level”

These members are protected both in GH for R5 and R6.

Why is this kind of info not accessible? It would be very valuable to be able to handle the help texts on my own since the vanilla info is, well, a bit lacking. Need to access them also for runtime Multi Lingual support (playing with that just now).

// Rolf

You want to override the help docs for other components?

Yes. I was examining the potential for a multilingual plugin platform.

I was thinking of adding some missing info for components, for example Plugin name (or, ribbon tab name) and the section which the component originates from. And more. But nothing styops you from adding such info to the 1.0 components… :wink:

Example description text:

C# Scripting
GH |  Maths | Script

This kind of info added also to the first Mouse-over hint. Aso.

These attributes may not be the right ones to trick with though.

// Rolf