Component for treehelpers

Hi all,

In the latest versions, is there a component that manages this type of list as happens with ListItem, managing the indexes of a simple list?

@0904 I am not quite sure if I understand the question here. Would you mind sending a Grasshopper file that shows the problem?

Thanks for the reply @eirannejad

I was looking for a component similar to listitem that would display lists and trees with a slider as an example of the second Python component.

I thought about this after I posted the question, maybe the reasoning is that if you created the lists or trees in Python, can you handle them in Python.

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This may not answer your question.

Once you get a tree there is a level of complexity. This might help.

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This is the test I was running. Using Tree access input on both x and y will allow the python component to control how the items interact. (8.9 KB)

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OK thank @scottd

I hadn’t thought of this solution
outputting using list_to_tree
then I can use the listitem


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