Component Exception

Hi, does anyone have any hint about what this exception is about?
This simple routine used to work smoothly. It takes all the geometry from a 3d clean View in Revit and brings it in Rhino.

Rhino.Inside Revit: 1.23.8907.21534 (2024-05-21T11:57:48)

[Expanded Information]
Rhino: 8.8.24158.03001 (Rhino 8)
Revit: 2025.0 (
CLR: 8.0.6 (8.0.6+3b8b000a0e115700b18265d8ec8c6307056dc94d)
OS: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.22631.0

It looks like one or more of the items in the Category output isn’t casting to the Layer, check the values of the output for null values.

Using the name of the categroy works much better, thank you.

(As regards the null items: it seems that there are no nulls in the output. But the component processe 44 geometries and stops. Could it be that the “forward slash” in the subcategory name of the 45th cannot be processed as Layer name? Is that a standard for subcategories naming, or it’s a defective 3rd party family?)

That (/) denotes the category sub-category & is likely causing the issue.

Noted, thank you.