Component doesn't show geometry unless a native component is also present

I have written a custom component with C#, and it seems to work fine. The points created are available, but I can’t see them in the Rhino viewport. But if I attach a data or point container, then the points appear on the Rhino viewport. Furthermore, another strange thing: if I add a native component like “Construct point3d” to the grasshopper Canvas, then the geometry and all other features appear on the viewport as intended.
I have added some “override preview” features to turn on/off some colored geometry. I suspect that this somehow maybe is causing the issue. However, I tested it on the C# editor in grasshopper first before I moved to visual studio, and I did not experience any problems there. So, I am asking if anybody has a clue as to what the issue might be?


So, I figured out my problem, which was fairly straightforward. The bounding box (BBox) Rhino uses for defining rendering depth was not defined to handle the geometry I created under SolveInstance. I thought it defined the bounding box as default to fit the geometry defined in the out parameter even though I override the DrawViewportMeshes. But if you define a bounding box that encompasses your geometry and makes a union with the default BBox and then uses that BBox in the DrawViewportMeshes section, then everything is fine. So I leave this for any other that should have a similar problem.