Complicated question from a prospective student

A prospective student asked me the following on Whatsapp: re Rhino: “what kind of prerequisite skills set or knowledge does someone need to be trained? How quickly can the training lead to work? What can people make? (meaning $)”

I told her that she should know how to use a computer, and the last two questions are really up to you depending on what industry you want to go into…

How would you have answered her?

I told her to ask this herself on the forum as she will get a million and fifty answers from people of all industries and walks of life…

was I right? LOL

Is this the proper forum to even ask such questions? if not, where is?

There’s no better place to ask…
Understanding and handling complex geometries could take her far, but that is nothing you could learn in two weeks course.
Spoken from my experience.

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I like this one :slight_smile:
Answer her as much as you can negotiate. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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