Complex surfaces blend

Hi everyone !
I’m having trouble with this surface blend, every solution I try gives me bad transitions.

How would you deal with this?
Here’s the example file :
Matching Surfaces.3dm (1.4 MB)

Cheers !

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The edge of the vertical fillets do not match the adjacent planar surfaces. That may be the cause of some problems.

What is “bad” about the transitions you have made?

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Hi David !
Thank’s for replying. Yeah it could be a good start…
By “bad” I mean non aesthetic transitions with hard edges etc… not a nice blend at all

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Also the vertical fillets are not tangent to the planar surfaces. A blend surface which is tangent to both the fillet and the planar surface where those surfaces meet is not possible unless the fillet and planar surface are tangent.

Even with the fillet and planar surfaces tangent the blend surface may have a hard point at the intersection because the edge curves are not tangent.