Complex numbers

hi, i am trying to create the boy surface from parametric equations, but i have not succeeded, the equation is very different from conventional parametric equations, hope you can help me find the error :slight_smile: (463.2 KB)

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I always wondered what complex numbers are!
In a late 4:00 am (or early?) boring, locked-down, Italy… I did a fast trip on wikipedia… complex numbers are pseudo-2D-points?
Well… whatever.

It seems you have not implemented them: you used the formulas with normal numbers!

But… by looking at your definition i “discovered” grasshopper do have complex number implemented!
Even in the expression component!
#kidsjoy :open_mouth:
(how to feel noob about grasshopper after 10year of use… lol )

So… I’ve just transcribed wikipedia formulas (wich are the same as yours) : (470.7 KB)

… It would be cool to actually understand what is going on here.


Note: for a visual representation you don’t need complex numbers.

Anyway … here’s the big challenge for you: mastermind how to avoid ccx events (if you want to do some freaky artistic thing).

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