Complex Mesh compatibility with Pen View


I’ve imported a landscape dwg from a consultant however i’m having alot of difficulty using pen views with it. It took several minutes to switch to pen view, before failing and reverting to wireframe mode. I assume it’s because the model contains ALOT of meshes. I’ve been looking into how I can make the model a bit more compatible with pen view, however I seem to be unable to use reduce mesh on any of the ungrouped meshes.

I’ve attached the file in the wetransfer link below, i wondered if anyone knows how i might go about cleaning this? (ideally relatively quick - i just want to get pen view working again… any rough edges i can photoshop out)


Hi Sam -
That’s a seriously bad mesh you’ve got there…

If the only purpose is to get this to display in the Pen mode, you can get there with a bit of work.

In the attached file, I’ve separated some of the meshes on a “bad” layer - these will take a longer time for the technical display mode to generate meshes. The display meshes for the objects on the “landscape” layer should generate rather quickly and will convey the overall shape of the object.
To also get the worst meshes to display, you can show each one one-by-one, turn on Pen, let the meshes be generated, and switch back to Wireframe mode. Then show the next mesh and repeat the process.

Landscape Mesh-wd-rh5.7z (15.4 MB)